XML-RPC Ping Tool  v.

XML-RPC Ping Tool is a made-easy tool that pokes Search Engines via ping service websites that your blog or website has been updated. It is capable of mass URL pinging and scheduled URL pinging to make your SEO tasks easy and fast.


Routix software develop own RPC technology known as Routix.RPC. Remote procedure call (RPC) is a technology that allows a computer program to cause a subroutine or procedure to execute in another address space (commonly on another computer on a shared


OCaml XML-RPC  v.0.2.8

An XML-RPC client and server, using an ad-hoc interface definition language and IDL compiler.

XML-RPC debugger/client  v.0.1.0

This project aims to create a generic client and debugger for XML-RPC services.

XML RPC Client  v.1.0

XML RPC Client is a Developer Tool that allows you to access and debug XML-RPC web services from the comfort of your desktop.

SandStorm - XML-RPC middle-end framework  v.b.0.99.2

Named after a well know product from Microsoft, SandStorm is a framework for creating modular middle-end web products.

ArchVision DASHBOARD  v.

ArchVision Dashboard is the only tool you need to browse and manage RPC Content. Driven by ArchVision's intelligent meta-data search engine, ArchVision Dashboard is your digital assistant for locating what you need when you need it.

Seconfig XP  v.1 1

Seconfig XP can configure Windows not to use TCP/IP as transport protocol for NetBIOS, SMB and RPC, thus leaving TCP/UDP ports 135, 137-139 and 445 (the most exploited Windows networking weak point) closed.

XINS  v.2.3

XINS is an open-source Web Services framework. XINS supports POX-RPC, SOAP, XML-RPC and more. It consists mainly of an XML-based specification format and a Java-based implementation framework. From its specifications, XINS can generate HTML, WSDL,

JPerfmeter  v.6.0

JPerfmeter is a simple performance statistics monitor in the style of perfmeter, full Java. JPerfmeter needs the rpc.rstatd daemon to be running on the system it's monitoring (available on Solaris systems and other various UNIX/Linux systems).

RedMon EE  v.

RedMon extended edition allows You to share printers with redmon running by using and setting up the redmon Server feature. The Server feature uses RPC to communicate and interact with the user sharing the printer.

BlogWizard  v.

BlogWizard allows you to create, edit, and publish your blog entries to the server where your weBlog is located. BlogWizard works with all major weBlog (*) services that support the Blogger xml-rpc engine. No need to learn difficult html tags.

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